• LED indications in Spindles and Sections helps operator and maintenance persons to know the status of individual spindles.
  • Data transfer from Ring frame to server PC is done through Wireless technology. Easy to install and no maintenance required.
  • Displays key information and scrolls continuously. Very useful for operators on prioritizing the patrolling routes.
  • Monitors the Energy consumed by the Ring frames along with other key parameters.
  • Large LED Status board to display the shed performance through various key monitoring parameters.
  • Draft Monitoring sensors on both sides of the Ring frame to continuously monitor the draft ratios.
Intelligent Technology
Individual Spindle Lamps
  • Easy to distinguish and indicate Yarn Break, Rogue, Slip and Idle Spindles with Multi Coloured LED
  • End breaks are identified in less than a second

Section Lamps
  • Differentiates the Ring frame section that requires attention by the Machine Operator and the Maintenance staff

Operator Frindly
  • Rogue and Slip Spindles are identified by the flashing Green Section LED
  • Yarn Break and Idle Spindles are distinguished by the flashing Blue Section LED

Intelligent Solutions
Energy Draft Monitoring
  • All new Energy Monitoring with Comprehensive details
  • The Intelligent Draft Monitoring system stops the Ring frame in the event of deviation

Central Dash Board and Information System
  • Extended and Comprehensive informatiom reagrding Count, Machine, Machine Group, Spindles, Operator etc.., With Unique Trend and Comparison

Cop Stage View
  • Helps to analyse the machine behaviour from start to end of the doff with respect to the speed pattern