• Fully automatic High volume fibre tester with speeds upto 140 tests per hour with one operator
  • Modules to measure Length, Strength, Micronaire, Colour and Optical or Gravimetric Trash measurement as additional option. Modular configuration with facility to have an additional Length and Strength module
  • Automatic Micronaire measurement, weighment, disposal and precise engineering calibration
  • Moisture measurement provides moisture level in cotton during testing
  • BaleSMART: A user friendly software which simplifies the Bale Management process
  • True Maturity: A unique method of measurement which is traceable to image analysis values.
Intelligent Technology
Flat Sampling
  • Preparation of uniform and consistent fibre sampling by applying uniform pressure on Cotton flocks for consecutive tests
  • Reliable representation of the population

True Maturity
  • Differential volumetric technique ensures reliable representation of Maturity, traceable to image analysis values
  • Automatic Micronaire measurement and precise engineering calibration for rapid and accurate output

Automatic Gravimetric Trash Measurement
  • Elimination of multiple passes, auto trash collection and weighment.
  • Precise and fast results to optimise Mix and Raw material purchase

Proven High Volume Fibre Tester
  • Uses USDA calibration cotton to assure international standards of precision and accuracy
Intelligent Solutions
True Maturity
  • Monitor True Maturity for Raw material purchase and for Mix allocation
  • Essential to monitor for fabrics with dark shades

BaleSMART : Software for Bale Management
  • Simplifies the Bale laydown procedure
  • Stable and consistent Raw material quality for a given Mix

Moisture Measurement
  • Moisture measurement provides moisture level in cotton during testing
  • In-built Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature Sensor

Rapid testing
  • Upto 140 samples per hour with one operator