• Simultaneous measurement of Yarn, Roving/Sliver for Evenness and other properties from two independent testing towers
  • Unrivaled knowledge base with Automatic Variance length curve and Drafting wave analysis. Analysis of the deviation and identification of the machinery component responsible with Spectrogram analysis including 450 gearing diagrams for Cotton, Synthetic and Worsted industry
  • Intelligent alert prompts the user to look into specific 'exceptions' while testing
  • Slub and Fancy yarn measurement with Black board and Fabric simulation
  • Nep classification, Foreign Fibre and White PP Classification to fine tune the spinning preparatory process
  • 3 Unique Hairiness measurement; Hair Severity, Hair Count Distribution and Hairiness Index simultaneously for the first time. An intelligent solution, based on Hair Severity (HS) statistics provide practical and user friendly guidelines
Intelligent Technology
Simultaneous Measurement
  • Double Tower arrangement to measure Yarn, Roving / Sliver
  • Quicker testing and significant savings in Operator time

Comprehensive Measurement
  • Simultaneously measures Hairiness Index (Hi), Hair Count (Hc) and Hair Severity (HS) with useful Hairiness statistics
  • Classification of Neps into Fibre and Seed-Coat Nep and Foreign matters into Foreign Fibre and White PP

Fabric Simulation / Slub and Fancy Yarn Measurement
  • Black board and Fabric simulation of various knitted and Fabric patterns
  • Measurement of all Slub and Fancy yarn properties with Simulation

Intelligent Solutions
Unrivaled Knowledge base
  • Prompts the user to look into specific areas while testing
  • The Quality Expert automatically tracks down to the defective draft zone and process where high cut length CV is experienced

Imperfection Distribution and Hyper Sensitive Imperfections
  • Independent distribution chart, helps to visualize the clustered and random imperfections
  • 3 new imperfection levels, viz; -25%, +25% and +100%, opens-up new process control Possibilities

Hair Severity (HS) and Statistics
  • Statistics for Hair Severity (HS) provides practical and User friendly guidelines to optimise the process
  • Severity of long length hairs helps to optimise processes such as Ring Spinning, Winding, Singeing (Gassing), Knitting, Weaving etc