• Patented high speed Aero Mechanical Individualiser (AMI) and Laser beam for precise measurement and classification of Neps by type and size. Reliable and accurate measurement of Neps with a statistically significant sample size of 5 and 10 grams within 3 minutes.
  • Actual length measurement on an End-aligned sample. Precise Short Fibre content by the best combination of the classical End-aligned fibre sample (Baer Sorter) concept with modern automated sample preparation and measurement
  • True Neps (TN) helps to control the process parameters in Card and Comber, identify rogue machines as well as to determine life of Card clothing. Enables predicting Yarn Neps at finisher Draw frame stage based on Yarn Count
  • True Short Fibre (TSF) represents Short fibres based on fibre length distribution against a traditionally referred length of 12.7 mm. True Short fibre helps to control Card and Comber process
Intelligent Technology
Aero Mechanical Individualiser (AMI)
  • Rugged design AMI opens and individualises large sample of fibres gently within 3 minutes
  • Patented design

Nep measurement using Laser Technology
  • Unique Multi Fibre Environment
  • High throughput with a statistically significant Sample size of 5 and 10 grams

End aligned length measurement
  • Automated Baer-sorter principle
  • Globally accepted, free from human errors

Automatic Sliver Preparation
  • In-built Sliver preparation device (standard supply) to prepare uniform Sliver material for length testing

Intelligent Solutions
True Neps (TN)
  • Identify Rogue Cards and Combers
  • Optimise your Card Clothing Life
  • Estimate the Yarn Neps by measuring finisher Draw frame Sliver

True Short Fibre (TSF)
  • True Short Fibre represents short fibres based on fibre length distribution against the traditionally referred length of 12.7 mm
  • True Short Fibre helps fine tuning of Carding and Combing Process

Streamline Maintenance. Reduce costs
  • Monitor / compare Machines and individual heads for quality deterioration
  • Scientific method for replacement of critical components